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Learning Snapshot: Nagle College

Nagle College Landcare

Nagle College Landcare, led by Andrea Savage (science teacher and program coordinator) has worked to reinstate the rainforest habitat, an original Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) along the Mitchell River riparian zone which abuts the school grounds. The program is more than revegetation though.

The project integrates natural resource management practices into school curriculum across subjects and year levels at a theoretical and practical level. There is fencing tuition for vocational students, indigenous seed propagation in horticulture and nesting box construction in wood technology. An elective subject is offered to year nine students, known as the ‘Mitchell River Eco Warriors’, which emphasises ecology and the importance of understanding processes and effects of nutrient runoff and erosion, and its management.

For more details contact Nagle College, Bairnsdale on 03 5152 6122.

Minister and Nagle students

Photo: Hon. Ryan Smith with students from Nagle College