Living Here

Keep our Lakes healthy and invest in sustainable management practices on the farm.


Agricultural businesses in the Gippsland catchment make a significant contribution to the regional and State economy.

Gippsland farmers produce a wide range of food including milk, beef, lamb, grains and vegetables.

The fertile and productive Mitchell river flats grow broccoli, cabbages, beans and carrots and lettuces. The area is an important supplier to three local producers of ‘minimally processed’ vegetables including lettuce, baby leaf, salad and vegetable mixes for the retail and wholesale market.

Dairy farmers in the Macalister Irrigation District account for about 8% of the national milk production. Dairy processing is also important to the regional economy.

Twenty-five per cent of the State’s total meat production comes from the Gippsland region. Rain-fed pasture systems in the Gippsland Lakes catchment are an important component of this total.

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