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Other Industry


Mining has always been an important economic activity in the Gippsland region. From the early days of European settlement, gold mining in the region supported population growth and the establishment of communities throughout the region, including Omeo, Dargo and Walhalla.

The mining of coal reserves for power generation in the Latrobe Valley is one of the major economic activities in Gippsland, contributing economic growth for Victoria. Latrobe Valley coal accounts for 90 per cent of Victoria’s power generation.  The Valley holds 16 per cent of the world’s brown coal reserves, a total of 430 billion tonnes.

The region has extensive oil and gas reserves through the offshore Gippsland basin, which contains some 21 oil and gas field currently under production.

For more information, go to http://www.energyandresources.vic.gov.au/earth-resources