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Weather & Boating Guides

Before you head out on the water, please check out the following weather and boating guides.

Gippsland Lakes Weather

Local Weather

Gippsland Lakes local waters weather forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology. Go to site…

boating guide

Boating Guides

Gippsland Lakes boating guides provided by Gippsland Ports. Go to site…


Top boating tips for looking after the Gippsland Lakes

  • Stay 100 metres away from dolphins in a boat and 300 metres away on a jet ski.
  • Do not approach dolphins in your vessel – it’s OK if they approach you!
  • Never drop rubbish into the lake.
  • Don’t leave fishing lines and hooks behind.
  • Don’t anchor in seagrass beds – they are some else’s home!
  • Regularly service your engine – no oil, no spoil.
  • Avoid beaching your boat near fragile shoreline vegetation.
  • Walk on designated paths across sand dunes.


…and tips for safe and people-friendly boating

  • Keep to 5 knots in designated areas.
  • Be extra careful within 50 metres of swimmers, shorelines and other boats.
  • Observe time limits on public jetties and wharves.
  • Reduce your wake in narrow waterways.
  • Re-fuel and dispose of sewage at designated locations.
  • Check the weather forecast before your trip.
  • Observe requirements for wearing life-jackets.
  • Don’t mix alcohol and boating.