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Darter_at Macalister River Park Site 5_during bankfull

Freshwater flows in river systems

High rainfall over winter has helped break the dry spell with the Macalister and Latrobe river systems with freshwater flowing into the Gippsland Lakes and wetlands. West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority’s Environmental Water Officer, Minna Tom, said off-stream billabongs and lagoons in these river systems have been able to receive water and reconnect with the

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Sale Common

Willow busters

Willows. Originally introduced into Australian waterway management to help control erosion; have created more problems than they have solved. Much loved by some landowners, there is often some resistance to removing and killing willows, but there is no denying that this introduced plant species has no place along our riverbanks. Australians started planting willows, soon

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Thanks for National Tree Day efforts

Many local community groups have done their bit and helped the Gippsland Lakes catchment by participating in National Tree Day activities. National Tree Day is a fulfilling opportunity to connect with our community, to do something good for our local environment and benefit your health by spending some time in nature. Research shows that spending

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