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Dolphins enjoy a healthy Gippsland Lakes environment

Watching the Burrunan

Researchers from the Marine Mammal Foundation are currently at the Gippsland Lakes researching the Burrunan dolphin and noting the number of dolphins, interactions with boats and dolphin behaviour. Dr Kate Charlton-Robb from the Marine Mammal Foundation said the Gippsland Lakes is home to a small population of only 63 dolphins, which doubles in population size

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Tackling pests threatening Gippsland Lakes

The Gippsland Lakes Invasive Species Strategy is being rolled out to control pest plants and animals threatening the environmentally significant area. According to Will McCutcheon, Parks Victoria’s District Manager for East Gippsland, invasive plants and animals are competing with native species for resources and creating ecological problems. “Weeds are changing the contour of sand dunes

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Lathams Snipe

Early success with fox control program

A fox control program, funded through the State Government Gippsland Lakes Program, has begun with great success in partnership with Trust for Nature, East Gippsland Landcare Network, Parks Vic and landholders. The program covers the Blond Bay State Game Reserve and surrounding private land. Brett Mills, Project Manager, Trust for Nature, explained that this success

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Fairy Tern Chick

Turning Rigby into a paradise for terns

When the terns return to Rigby Island on the Gippsland Lakes after their long journeys from South Australia, southern Queensland and NSW, they’re in for happy landings. DELWP and Parks Victoria have completed habitat restoration works on the island to improve nesting sites for Little Terns and Fairy Terns, ensuring that everything is ready for

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