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Flynns Creek Marshall Dean and Dan Cook

Buffering the Lakes

A vegetation corridor along Flynns Creek from the Eastern Strzeleckis down to the Latrobe River might not only provide wildlife easy passage through farm land but will also help filter water that ultimately reaches the Gippsland Lakes. Flynns Creek, located between Rosedale and Traralgon, flows through farm land in a northerly direction to the Latrobe

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Fairy Tern Chick

The reTERN of the birds! Migratory species flock to the Lakes

When you spend time on the Gippsland Lakes this October and November, you will be sharing the shore with masses of birds that have returned to the area after their spring migrations. Some will have travelled from as far afield as Siberia or China, where they have prepared for their flight throughout our winter, feasting

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Parks Victoria Macleod Morass (29)

Ibis – please don’t let me be misunderstood!

About 3,500 Ibis are currently nesting at Macleod Morass, creating a cocoon of chaos around their incredibly cute, fluffy chicks, as they go about the daily business of ensuring their successful path to adulthood. BirdLife Australia’s Project Officer for East Gippsland, Deb Sullivan, is working hard on a project with her team to monitor the

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