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Blonde Bay tour

Foxes – one of the worst

Foxes are an introduced predator that take a massive toll on native and migratory water birds of the Gippsland lakes. The fox is listed in the World Conservation Union’s list of the 100 worst invasive species. The economic impact of foxes in Australia has been estimated at around $227.5 million per year. This includes $17.5

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Members of the Heyfield wetlands committee on site

$285K available for environmental improvement grants on the Lakes

Gippsland Lakes Community Grants are now open for groups to complete projects that will help improve the health of the Lakes. According to Gippsland Lakes Coordinating Committee Co-Chair, Peter Veenker, the grants provide an opportunity for community groups to seek funding for projects that will help tackle key priorities for the Gippsland Lakes. “There is

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Deb Sullivan

Everyone is talking about the Gippsland Lakes

An event focused on Gippsland Lakes projects attracted over 120 participants, as interested members of the local community took the opportunity to learn more about the projects and the science behind how they are managed. Gippsland Lakes Conversations – a gathering of people and ideas, held on Tuesday, 3 April at Forestec, included a day

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