Kids excited over published books

Did you ever think that seagrass was awesome? How many interesting things can you recall about a platypus? You can find out all the facts with the latest books published through the Love Our Lakes Enviro-Stories program.

Paynesville year 6 students were given the opportunity to be mentored by Nagle College’s year 9 EcoWarriors. They learnt about water quality, the food chain and that seagrass is awesome!

This workshop, supported by the East Gippsland Shire Council, provided the students with the knowledge to go ahead and write their book, aptly titled ‘Seagrass is Awesome!’

Bruthen Primary School students learnt all about the platypus. They visited the Tambo River and looked at where platypus like to live, and what would cause them harm, like ‘opera house’ yabby traps.

‘Platypus Reflections’ is a collection of poetry reflecting on all the interesting things that they had learnt.

The books, written by local children about the local area, have been circulated to schools and libraries through East Gippsland for use by students

The Enviro-Stories program was recently a finalist in the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Awards.

You can read these books online.