Kids tackle a messy earth

More than 300 children attended the Sustainable Schools’ Expo in Sale recently learning how to live in a more sustainable way.

Ash Hall from DELWP said the children, from 13 local primary schools, participated in a range of activities.

“The kids built bee boxes, learnt about composting, renewable energy, indigenous foods and a lot more,” said Ash.

“We worked with the students to bring the whole world back to an easier concept – a child’s messy room.

“So the idea is when a child’s room is messy, who’s responsibility is it to clean it up? Usually the child.

“But when the Earth is messy we all have a role to play and children should be telling their parents to help clean it up,” continued Ash.

This is the second Sustainable Schools’ Expo held in Sale.

“The aim of these Expos is to ensure that sustainability becomes a way of life for our kids.

“We want them to understand the impact their decisions have on the environment and how they can contribute positively to a healthier environment and community.”

The Sustainable Schools’ Expo is supported by the RCE Gippsland, Sustainability Victoria’s Resource Smart School’s Program delivered by the Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group, Gippsland Climate Change Network, Wellington Shire Council and Gippsland Grammar School.