Gippsland Lakes Priorities Plan

This Gippsland Lakes Priorities Plan has been developed to highlight key priorities for improving the health of the Gippsland Lakes.

It pulls together a review of, and key actions from:

  • Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund
  • Gippsland Lakes Ramsar Site Management Plan
  • East Gippsland Waterway Strategy
  • West Gippsland Waterway Strategy

You can download a copy of the Gippsland Lakes Priorities Plan here.

The Gippsland Lakes Priorities Plan has been developed through the Gippsland Lakes Coordinating Committee to help identify where funding should be allocated to help maintain or improve the health of the Gippsland Lakes.

The Priorities Plan identifies actions and strategies under four key themes. These are

  1. Maintaining and restoring habitats – this includes managing pest plants, understanding and mitigating climate change impacts, protecting habitat for threatened terns and more.
  2. Protecting fauna – this includes controlling predators for bird species, implementing a strategy for marine pests, understanding human disturbance to migratory birds and Burranan dolphins and more.
  3. Managing nutrients and sediments – this includes reducing the nutrient and sediment loads to the Gippsland Lakes by improving the quality of water from rivers flowing into the Gippsland Lakes and more.
  4. Managing water regimes – this includes delivery and monitoring environmental water entitlements in priority fringing wetlands of the Lakes, boosting the environment for fish migration and breeding and more.

The Gippsland Lakes Priorities Plan will be used to allocate funding from the Gippsland Lakes Community Grants Program and has already been used to select the first 16 projects funded by the Victorian State Government.