Invasive plants and animals compete with native species for resources and can create significant ecological problems. Monitoring and control of invasive species ensures that native plants and animals get the best chance possible to survive and thrive.

About this project

Implementing the Gippsland Lakes Invasive Species Strategy, this project will focus on

  • controlling weeds such as Sea spurge on the inner shorelines of the Gippsland Lakes
  • controlling pest animals including pigs on the Boole Poole Peninsula
  • goat control and Sambar deer monitoring at Blond Bay
  • blackberry and willow control on fringing wetlands
  • Dolichos pea, Boxthorn, Mirror bush and Bluebell creeper control on Raymond Island
  • Boneseed control on the Avon-Perry.


Sea Spurge Eradication with the Friends of the Gippsland Lakes


Why are these plants and animals a priority?

  • Weeds that have a transforming nature such as Sea Spurge, change the contour of sand dunes causing erosion.
  • Dolichos pea, can smother whole trees.
  • Animals such as pigs dig up large areas of salt marsh looking for roots and tubers underground.

What can you do?

Report sightings of weeds and pest animals to Parks Victoria. This will help target and contain species, especially if they are isolated infestations or sightings.


This project is funded by the Victorian State Government for the Gippsland Lakes.

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