Foxes pose a significant threat to Australia’s native mammals and resident and nesting birdlife. This is another fox control program

Fox baiting will be undertaken on the outer islands and barrier of the Gippsland Lakes in a bid to protect bird species such as the threatened Little and Fairy terns.

Over 130 bird species, including Oystercatchers and Stints use the Gippsland Lakes as habitat for feeding and breeding. Predator control will create a safer environment for all those species.

Many of the birds using the Lakes are threatened migratory species in very low numbers. Their habitat shrinks each year due to development and interactions with pest species.

Dogs and humans populating areas along beaches also displace breeding areas as many of these birds use sand to make small burrows and breed. Intrusion by humans and dogs often leads to birds abandoning their nesting sites.


This project is funded by the Victorian State Government for the Gippsland Lakes.

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