White-bellied sea-eagle monitoring


This once in a decade project will look at the health of white-bellied sea-eagles in the Gippsland Lakes.

About the project

White-bellied sea-eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster) are the second largest raptor in Australia and are iconic for the Gippsland Lakes. They are listed as threatened in Victoria and have an Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act (Commonwealth) listing status of marine.

Population surveys in the Gippsland Lakes have been completed at approximately 10 year intervals, resulting in the creation of a long-term data-set dating back to 1978.
It is 10 years since the last survey (2012) and this project will:

  • Review past surveys to design the next program
  • Complete a coordinated approach to delivering a comprehensive survey/monitoring program
  • Raise awareness (particularly importance of conservation) of the White-bellied sea-eagle and promote community involvement in reporting and conservation.



Project partners

DEECA, GLaWAC, community


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