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Away from the Lakes to improve the Lakes

Improving the health of the Gippsland Lakes involves work at the Lakes, but it also involves work away from the Lakes, in the catchment. The Gippsland Lakes catchment is an area that impacts upon the Lakes, such as rivers and creeks flowing into, as well as public and private land, with rain, create sediment and

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Nungurner Landcare Group_Peter Bury

Untold story of Pelican and Crescent islands

This is a story of how speaking up, making yourself heard, being patient and persistent can get things done. The story begins back in 2008 with long term Gippsland Lakes resident Mr Peter Bury. Peter has lived and worked for 92 years on the edge of the Gippsland Lakes. Nungurner Landcare Group member, Heather Oke,

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