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Away from the Lakes to improve the Lakes

Improving the health of the Gippsland Lakes involves work at the Lakes, but it also involves work away from the Lakes, in the catchment. The Gippsland Lakes catchment is an area that impacts upon the Lakes, such as rivers and creeks flowing into, as well as public and private land, with rain, create sediment and

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Kids tackle a messy earth

More than 300 children attended the Sustainable Schools’ Expo in Sale recently learning how to live in a more sustainable way. Ash Hall from DELWP said the children, from 13 local primary schools, participated in a range of activities. “The kids built bee boxes, learnt about composting, renewable energy, indigenous foods and a lot more,”

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Godwits in flight

World Migratory Bird Day

Every year more than 20 species of migratory waterbirds visit the Gippsland Lakes as part of their breeding and lifecycle. Gippsland Lakes Coordinating Committee co-chair, Angus Hume, said waterbird abundance and diversity is one of the most important aspects of the Gippsland Lakes. “These amazing migratory birds that visit the Gippsland Lakes are part of

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