Dolphin calves
Vessels and Burrunan dolphins

The Vessels and Burrunan dolphin project is one of eight projects that has been funded to help protect the wildlife of the Gippsland Lakes. With

Fox - John Green
Protecting Waterbirds through Landscape Fox Control

Foxes are an introduced predator that takes a massive toll on our native and migratory waterbird populations. Control of fox populations is vital to ensure

Fairy Tern Chick
Protecting Tern Habitat

Little Terns and Fairy Terns are both listed as threatened species under the Flora and Fauna Guarantees Act (1988) in Victoria. The Gippsland Lakes provide

fox near bait station
Landscape Scale Predator Control

  Foxes pose a significant threat to Australia’s native mammals and resident and nesting birdlife. This is another fox control program Fox baiting will be

Northern Pacific Seastar
Northern Pacific Seastar Monitoring Program

The Northern Pacific Seastar (NPSS) is a voracious predator that consumes a wide variety of native and non-native marine organisms. It can spawn thousands of

Managing for metal mobility and bioavailability in the Gippsland Lakes

Why is this project necessary? Elevated heavy metal concentrations have been reported in previous studies of sediment and plant and animal life in the Gippsland

Landtolakes- Maslan Paynter 053
Linking People, Land and Lakes

Why is this project necessary? In order for people to understand the importance of caring for their environment, and become advocates for conservation, it is

Invasive Plants and Animals

Invasive plants and animals compete with native species for resources and can create significant ecological problems. Monitoring and control of invasive species ensures that native

Burrunan Dolphins
Boating with the Burrunan Awareness Campaign

The Boating with the Burrunan project is one of eight projects that has been funded to help protect wildlife of the Gippsland Lakes. Burrunan dolphins